Project Log: ScummVM for the GP2X

This project log contains information on my, now official, port of the wonderful ScummVM virtual machine to the GP2X platform.

ScummVM: Assistance wanted

By DJWillis On Saturday, June 04, 2005 At 12:20 AM
Of a kind GP32 developer with some free time and a delight in looking at BAD code!

Well ScummVM is moving on but very slowly as many of you have noticed and commented (do keep the comments comming) and I was putting out a bit of an open request for anybody with some C/C++ skills who has a GP32 and is familiar with both the GamePark SDK and accessing parts of the hardware directly via ASM, custom pseudo SDK’s etc. to drop me an e-mail or leave a comment if they feel they can help.
The development environment is GCC/ARM based and SDT/ADS compilation is not really an option.

Not really looking for any other sort of help at the moment thanks.

I am looking to get a new public release out the door (test release that is, it’s a new backend remember so it does not necessarily have all the features or qualities :) of the older releases or ScummVM's desktop versions).

I have a bunch of bugs I want to squish and I just don’t have the time to fix them on my own in anything resembling a sensible timeframe.

A few main problems are blitting related and a big memory leak or 3 so that should give you an idea of the help I am looking for.


John Willis

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Anonymous wasted Says:

I wish you the best for the future, DJWillis !

Anonymous Lagagaffe Says:

Sorry, I'm not able to help you, but I'm really impatient to discover a new version of ScummVM, maybe with Sam&Max running ? :p (ScummVM is the only one reason why I bought a GP32, so thank you !).

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Would like to help, but I'm pretty sure that my knowledge isn't deep enough to be helpful :(

Anonymous wasted Says:

Keep up the good work DJWillis !

Blogger Cup Of Tea Says:

I saw your post about this on GP32Xtreme a while back; I've been toying with the idea of getting in touch ever since. Here I am! A quick rundown on me: Been coding C,C++,Java, Delphi and 68000 for around 15 years; a big whack of that is commercial experience. I currently work for the Advanced Applications Department of Siemens Molecular Imaging (Great dept name, eh?). I've owned a GP32 for around a year and have been looking for an excuse to write something for it for a while; I don't really have the time to write a game from scratch, but I think I might have the time to help you out. I don't have any GP32 specific knowledge; but, I have used the SDL library and written some (rubbish) games in 68000 on the Amiga.

Cheers, Steve.

Blogger DJWillis Says:

Cup of Tea (Steve),

You Sir have an email on the way.



Anonymous wasted Says:

That's some great news ! Thank you. :)

Anonymous Sakya Says:

Very great application. Good job! :-)
The only problem is that the cursor is too slow in some situation (and in Sam&Max is always slow). :-)

Best regards

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

I will love to play Monkey Island on my GP2X, when i get mine.
Can you add a funktion that we can cycle through the Hotspots in a game? Cause the GP2X has no Touch-Screen.
Or that you just can cycle the verbs, like "take", "open" and so. Things like - changing to the verbs "click" back to the playfield "click" ... hmm didn't work ... again to the down "click" ... - is IMO annoying.

If this is not possible ...
so is it. Just make a port! :)

Excuse my english, it's not my main-language! ;)

Anonymous filip Says:

hi, i'm coder... asm, c++, pascal... how can i help you? (philip[at]


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