Project Log: ScummVM for the GP2X

This project log contains information on my, now official, port of the wonderful ScummVM virtual machine to the GP2X platform.

ScummVM for the GP2X - Alpha Test Release 7 - 0.9.0 SVN

By DJWillis On Monday, February 13, 2006 At 9:32 PM
ScummVM for the GP2X - Alpha Test Release 7 - 0.9.0 SVN

Hello everybody,

Sorry for the rather long time between releases. For various reasons (most not good) I am really struggling to find quality time to hack about on projects at the moment. Still, I found a few hours tonight so it is time for another new widespread ScummVM for the GP2X alpha.

Thanks to the GP32x and #GP2XDEV folks for helping me get some of the more interesting (and SD corrupting) bugs out of the recent builds. As usual please leave feedback as it helps me know if this project is going the way people want it to.

This is a test release of ScummVM for the GP2X, it would be appreciated if this alpha test distribution was not mirrored and that people be directed to instead, until the port is a little more mature, to ensure people download the most recent builds.

This build is still in a very heavy state of development and as such no '‘expected' behaviorur can be guaranteed ;). I tested with firmware 1.4.0 for reference.

Please check the README-GP2X.TXT in the archive for controls and important info.

This build can be viewed as having the features of Alpha 6 with the following changes...

  • SCUMM - All games supported by ScummVM should work to some extent, using the hardware scalar if needed.
  • Sword 1 and 2 - This engine is now supported using the hardware scalar (looks nasty).
  • Lure - This new ScummVM engine is included for testing but the game is NOT playable yet.
  • Volume control is back in, volume - and + do what you would expect, to change text speed like older builds hold Left Trigger and press volume - and +.
  • Added '0' as a button mapping so you can all play MI2 using that to get past the copy protection.
  • Remapped button layout a bit and added 'button combos'. See the readme for more details.
  • Refined audio hacks a little more.
  • Hardware Scalar code is now working much better and all the SVGA games are scaled on the fly to fit the GP2X's LCD (and TV screen, not that I have a TV out lead to check).
  • Using the new skinable GUI, make sure you have DEFAULT-THEME.ZIP in the same dir as the GPE.
  • Lots of misc hacks to the code, some good and a lot bad ;-).

Port source is available on request via e-mail. Note this is development code (and VERY messy). A patch based on this code is going into ScummVM's patch tracker in a few days.


ScummVM for the GP2X - Alpha 7 - 0.9.0-SVN

John Willis
Monday 13th Feb - 2006

for this post

Anonymous jaKo Says:

Is there a way to enter the codes to load in Gobliiins?

Thanks in advance
Good job

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

There are several bugs :

- Beneath a steel sky: if you try to display the scummVm Menu, game hungs up.

- Indy FOA: keys for battles should be mapped on some way. There is no choice to win any battle :(

Anonymous Azi Says:

Anyones know if this version of scummvm works ok with firmware 2.0.0?

Anonymous morebeat Says:

Cool port of SCUMMVM, but it crashes in MonkeyIsland 1 sometimes. It freezes and all I can do is turn off the GP2X. I've played the CD-Version with mp3-sound.
Everything else works great so far.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

actually it doesn't work at all with firmware 2.0 :(

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Same for me. I don't know if it's related to 2.0 firmware or anything else, but the gpe only leads to a balck screen

Anonymous Guybrush Threepwood Says:

It works perfect with firmware 2.0, at least it certainly does here lol :), Beneath a Steel Sky could use a working save soon ( please lol ), I've tried Day of the tentacle and it seems to be working ok ( save included ), I'm going to dig in my oldies box and see what else can be played.

Keep up the great work on this port, it's one of the reasons that made me buy my GP2X.

Guybrush Threepwood.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

It doesn't work with my gp2x with firmware 2.0.0. It just gives a black screen.

Release 6 works but no number keys for getting past copy protection on MI2.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Great work with your Port of ScummVM.
I have a bug:
The GP2X freezes randomly in ScummVM when I'am playing the CD-Version of MonkeyIsland. The PC-Version of ScummVM works fine with it.


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