Project Log: ScummVM for the GP2X

This project log contains information on my, now official, port of the wonderful ScummVM virtual machine to the GP2X platform.

Request for 'features' feedback.

By DJWillis On Thursday, August 10, 2006 At 8:10 PM

As some of you know I now have a working GP2X again so I now have something to test my hacking efforts on :).

With that in mind this is a very quick post to ask for feedback on what (reasonable) features people would like to see added to the port. This will help me make a sensible TODO to work from.

In addition what bugs do people consider show stoppers in the current alphas etc.?

I want to have a bit of a push to make the port a bit more feature rich and less buggy before I put it up for inclusion in ScummVM's main SVN but I can't do that without feedback and help.

I'll start to do new beta test releases based on current SVN ScummVM as soon as I get some of the stuff below stabilised.

Current WIP features (updated 10 August 2006):
  • USB mouse support - this has been requested by users running ScummVM on TV's.
  • DXA video support for Feeble Files (Note: FF does not work yet) and BS1/2.
  • Save Fixes (Can people help by detailing the exact bugs).
  • On screen key input (Got this re-designed but not started a new implementation yet, any offers of help?).
I have cross posted this to the ScummVM/GP2X project page and GP32x's forums.

Please feel free to reply to the GP32x thread with comments clearly stating if your comments are about 'new features', 'improvements' or 'bugs' and provide detail if it will help.


John Willis

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