Project Log: ScummVM for the GP2X

This project log contains information on my, now official, port of the wonderful ScummVM virtual machine to the GP2X platform.

0.9.1 preview 2 released.

By DJWillis On Saturday, October 21, 2006 At 8:42 PM
Well this is the 2nd official 0.9.1 GP2X preview build (and last, I hope, before the real 0.9.1 release) for people to take a look at and report bugs back. Feedback on this build will help get a decent release and this is really for bug catching and compatibility so I can update the WiKi.

Changes in this build:
  • Built from latest 0.9.1 pre-release SVN
  • Fix for 'Exit' bugs in code and launching is now wrapped in a script with ScummVM.gp2x being the main executable
  • Default location for save games is in the saves folder under the ScummVM executable
  • Uses Modern theme by default not Classic
  • Has "zoom" mode for larger games (toggle with L-Trigger and Y in game)
  • Lots of other fixes on savegame stuff and the like
  • Please make sure you do not have a .scummvmrc (config file) in your ScummVM.gpe folder. A new clean config is recommended if you are using a build older then preview 1 as config handling code changed in preview 1.
  • Do make sure you scan over the README-GP2X.html - It has been HTML'ised to make it really easy to read ;).
  • For feedback on the build there is a forum post in ScummVMs GP2X forum.
Known Issues:
  • Please let me know any bugs ASAP as I am hoping this will be the last preview prior to the official 0.9.1 release.
If you want to post information about preview builds on news sites please do, but a link back here for the download would be great to save preview/test builds getting littered all over the place.

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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Shutting down works like a charm this time, even when an error ingame occurs is goes back to the main menu! Nice fix!!
In Dott, almost everything works a few glichtes:
Past: When hoagie washes the carrige outside lockup occurs.
Future: When Lavirne walks to the judges on the top floor a lockup occurs.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Waagghhh! Why have you still not fixed the save function on BASS? It would be nice :)

Thanking you greatly!


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