Project Log: ScummVM for the GP2X

This project log contains information on my, now official, port of the wonderful ScummVM virtual machine to the GP2X platform.

SVN Test Release: 04/12/2007: Lure of the Temptress Support

By DJWillis On Tuesday, December 04, 2007 At 12:16 PM
To coincide with the open testing requests for DreamMaster’s new Lure of the Temptress engine and the recent testing requests for additional games using the AGOS engine I have done a quick SVN build of ScummVM for the GP2X.

This should also serve as the first testing pre-release of the upcoming version of ScummVM (due early next year).

Bug reports welcome on any supported engine or aspect of the port. Please put them in the tracker (or at least on the GP2X ScummVM forum) or they really stand very little chance of being fixed :).

Both the F100 and F200 (touch screen) are fully supported but as usual this build is, as yet, untested due to the fact I lack a GP2X.

No other new features are in this release, just the extended game support.

You can download the release below.

ScummVM GP2X SVN LURE Support - Pre 0.11.0 - 04/12/2007

Update: Due to a slight mess up with my local code yesterdays build did not work (a curse of not being able to test). Today's build should be working well, or so I am told :).

ScummVM GP2X SVN LURE Support - Pre 0.11.0 - 05/12/2007

As usual please do not mirror the download but rather link back to as these test builds tend to be frequently updated.

Comments are welcome via this forum thread.


John Willis

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Blogger Gr.Viper Says:

Uh... Wiki says that Beneath A Steel Sky is both working AND broken in the SVN build.

Blogger DJWillis Says:


That's a simple typo in the Wiki, I'll fix that.

Having said that, this is a testing release and I have no real idea (just guesses) as to what engines are working and what engines have issues with the port.

The best thing right now would be to feedback what works and what does not work so I can update the list and fix bugs for the official Jan release. I can't fix bugs I don't know about and as I don't have a working GP2X it's a little hard to find them myself ;).



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